Pecan Grove & Cannery Master Plan
Urban Design Associates, Pittsburgh, PA - July 24 - 28, 2017
The goal of this project was to further study the concepts introduced in the "Riverfront Redevelopment Plan" conducted by CPEX, and test underutilized parcels of land near the Mississippi Riverfront with new development that addresses the scale of place of the town, broadens housing choices and furthers St. Francisville's tradition as a marquis small town.  This Master Plan process, conducted by Urban Design Associates, considered two separate sites:  the former St. Francisville High School property in the heart of the Pecan Grove neighborhood and the former Princeville Canning site, which includes the former football field of the Julius Freyhan School site.

Riverfront Redevelopment Plan
This project strives to reconnect St. Francisville’s town center to the Mississippi River through river tourism, redevelopment, and strategic urban planning within the historic context of St. Francisville.  Over the years, St. Francisville has lost much of its connection to the Mississippi River. With more river-centric tourism and new dock facilities, coupled with the growing popularity of the area, St. Francisville has the opportunity to grow in a way that renews its connection to the river.  The St. Francisville Area Foundation envisions the redevelopment and enhancement of the old canning facility site near the historic heart of town that complements and enhances the existing charm and character of St. Francisville, while also capitalizing on the growing river cruise industry and its associated economic impact.  This redevelopment project may include housing, recreation, civic, and commercial uses that are appropriate for the context, character, and market demand in the area.  The Foundation is working with Center for Planning Excellence (CPEX) to develop a vision for new development and redevelopment potential in St. Francisville in conjunction with the expanding river cruise industry.

Tunica Hills State Preservation Area

An important project for Louisiana and West Feliciana Parish, Tunica Hills State Preservation Area will provide an amazing "High-rise Adventure" experience for visitors to encounter and discover unspoiled nature.  The planned site will not only preserve and protect the natural beauty and ecological integrity of the site, but will also provide environmental education to the public through interpretive centers and related infrastructure.

Julius Freyhan Foundation 
In December 2012, Freyhan Foundation completed a seven-month restoration of Temple Sinai and now needs your help to renovate the Julius Freyhan High School building.  Once completed, these two structures will form the main campus of our community cultural center in the heart of St. Francisville's Historic District.

Gateways and Corridors Master Plan      Download Master Plan Summary here.

We live in a special place and through this project we endeavored to create a system of signage and landscaping that would welcome and orient the visitor in and around the Town of St. Francisville and West Feliciana.  Our area is growing and with this growth comes the need for thoughtful planning. The Master Plan identifies a shared community vision for the future that builds on the rich cultural and natural amenities of the region, and provides a unique opportunity to strengthen community identity and pride. Through this project, we have been reminded of the enduring beauty of the landscape and the generosity of the people of this community.

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