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Plans for the Future

St. Francisville Area Foundation will continue to work to achieve its mission by partnering with donors, other non-profits and local public agencies to fund initiatives that preserve the existing rural charm and rich cultural heritage of the community. The Foundation considers itself a both leader and catalyst in spearheading projects that may not otherwise be realized due to complex funding needs or constraints.

Short term goals include:
  • Partnering with Entergy Nuclear to complete the Gateways Corridors Master Plan Study
  • Implementation of Gateways Corridors Master Plan Study
  • Working with National Scenic Byways Program to establish a Scenic Byways Commission to manage, maintain and protect scenic byways, gateways and corridors in the community
  • Revitalization of the Tunica Hills State Preservation Area Project
  • Forming a River Region District Commission
Long Term Goals include:
  • Partnering with state, federal and local officials to develop an integrated bike path system in the parish
  • Development of the Mississippi River front
  • Developing cultural attractions around the visual and performing arts
  • Researching grant opportunities to promote historic education and preservation
  • Partnering with Louisiana State Parks to secure funding for the implementation of the Tunica Hills State Preservation Area


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