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Gateways and Corridors Master Plan Study

Integral to the mission of St. Francisville Area Foundation (SFAF) is to preserve and restore the natural beauty and cultural charm of our communities. As an extension of our mission, SFAF is pleased to present the West Feliciana Parish Gateways and Corridors Master Plan Study. We live in a special place and through this project we endeavored to create a system that would welcome and orient the traveler in and around the Town of St. Francisville and West Feliciana Parish. Developed in collaboration with stakeholder groups and members of the community, this plan takes action on recommendations set forth in the West Feliciana Parish Comprehensive Plan.

SFAF recognized the need for West Feliciana Parish to create a lasting impression, and with the support of Entergy River Bend we were able to engage a consultant team to develop a clear direction and an implementation strategy for the Gateways and Corridors within our community. To ensure that the proposed Gateways and Corridors Master Plan communicated an authentic vision of the parish, SFAF solicited input from stakeholder groups and community members. Through these input sessions we came to understand that our citizens favored rural and naturalistic images, along with elegant and historical images, to represent the parish. It became evident to us that the community has a great vision for, and cares deeply about, the place in which they live.

West Feliciana Parish is growing and with this growth comes the need for thoughtful planning. The Master Plan identifies a shared community vision for the future that builds on the rich cultural and natural amenities of the region, and provides a unique opportunity to strengthen community identity and pride. Through this Master Plan process, I have been reminded of the enduring beauty of the landscape and the generosity of the people of this community.

On behalf of SFAF, I would like to thank Entergy for their generous support of this project in funding this study. I also want to thank JFDS and Ferris Engineering for their hard work and dedication to this project. Without their collective talent and teamwork this project could not have been realized.

This is an exciting time for our parish and we hope you will join us in shaping the future vision of West Feliciana Parish, its communities and the Town of St. Francisville by linking ournatural and cultural heritage.


Lauren D. Field,
Executive Director


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