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Completed & Ongoing Projects

St. Francisville Area Foundation has been active in community affairs and initiatives for several years now. The Board as a whole or through the work of individual members has made significant contributions to the following efforts:

  • Applied for and received grant monies from Entergy's River Bend Station to fund the Gateways and Corridors Master Plan Study, Fall 2009
  • Hosted the Land Conservation and Preservation Awareness Presentation, Fall 2009
  • Facilitated the relationship between Julius Freyhan Foundation and Baton Rouge Area Foundation which resulted in the creation of an endowment account, the hiring of an executive director, and the organization of future fundraising efforts.
  • Supported both the Friends of Rosedown and Habitat for Humanity in fundraising efforts
  • Assisted with the purchase of Rosedown Plantation by the State of Louisiana
  • Participated in the formation of the "Plan West Feliciana” team of volunteers which spearheaded the development of the West Feliciana Comprehensive Plan.
  • Major contributor to the Randal Arendt "Rural by Design” workshop
  • Received and distributed funds for the meals tent created to sustain Katrina evacuees, Fall 2005
  • Received funding to restore a local home for Katrina evacuees.
  • Coordinated funding for the African American oral history study and website
Gateways and Corridors Master Plan Study


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